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 Microsoft flight simulator 2004

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مُساهمةموضوع: Microsoft flight simulator 2004   الأحد أغسطس 22, 2010 4:32 pm

Microsoft flight simulator 2004
full game + crack

³ Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 A Century of Flight (c) Microsoft ³

³ ³

³ Date : June 26, 2003 Protection : SafeDisc ³

Size : 4 CDs Game Type : Flight Sim

³ Requirements : P2 450, 128MB ram, 8MB video, 1.8GB hdd space, dx9 ³

d]Release Notes ]

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight is the next

milestone in the award-winning Flight Simulator franchise.

Celebrating 20 years of developing and perfecting computer flight

simulation, A Century of Flight will allow aviation enthusiasts to

experience history at the controls of historic aircraft, such as

Charles Lindbergh's Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis, the Douglas DC-3

and the world’s first successful powered aircraft, the Wright Flyer.

New engaging features such as interactive multimedia provide a wealth

of historical information on the planes that shaped aviation history

and the pilots who flew them. Informed and insightful articles

explain all there is to know about Microsoft's Flight Simulator and

the 24 aircraft included in the software. Microsoft Flight Simulator

2004: A Century of Flight also introduces an updated, dynamic weather

system, enhanced automatically generated scenery (AutoGen) and

detailed visual effects, improved Air Traffic Control functions, and

3D interactive cockpits, as well as 15 modern aircraft, including the

Beechcraft Baron and the Robinson R22 helicopter.

# Celebrate the past - Players can take the controls of nine aircraft

that changed the world, including the Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis,

the airplane Charles Lindbergh piloted on the first solo, nonstop

flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. They can experience what it

was like to pilot Wilbur and Orville's Wright Flyer. Microsoft Flight

Simulator:A Century of Flight,also features in-depth and engaging

multimedia content that reveals the amazing stories behind each of

the historical aircraft and the pilots who made them famous.

# Interactive multimedia content - Virtual pilots have new

streamlined access to informed and insightful articles about

"Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight," its remarkable

aircraft, briefings and interactive lessons without ever taking their

eyes off the computer screen.

# Improved scenery and visual effects - The software enhances an

already stunning graphics engine with expanded AutoGen scenery,

improved taxiway and runway signs, and highly detailed modern

airports. In all, more than 23,000 airports from around the world are


# Explore the present - Take command of 15 contemporary aircraft,

from the Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP and the massive Boeing 747-400 to the

Robinson R22 helicopter. The long-established "Flight Simulator"

physics engine lives up to its reputation for providing an experience

that is "as real as it gets."

# Dynamic weather system - Watch raindrops on the windscreen on a

foggy, drizzly morning or wispy cloud fronts move across the horizon

on a hazy summer day with the improved Real World Weather system. You

can create custom weather, choose from a variety of weather themes,

or experience automatic live updating that mirrors real-world weather.

# Interactive 3-D virtual cockpits - Microsoft Flight Simulator: A

Century of Flight improves on the franchise's virtual cockpit by

allowing pilots to operate aircraft controls, tune radios and flip

switches without leaving the virtual cockpit view


Unpack the included rar files

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4. Play the game without the DVD in the drive

5. Enjoy

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Microsoft flight simulator 2004
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